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King George County (Virginia) Committee



The Committee being informed that Mr˙ Austin Brockenbrough was counteracting the measures of the Continental Congress, ordered him to be summoned to answer the complaint, which was done in the following terms:

King George, March 8, 1775.

SIR: You are accused before the Committee of


disregarding your duty as an Associator, (Associator!) and attempting to prejudice the people of your neighbourhood, and others with whom you have communication, against the Association, (Yes, but I never went out of my way to do it.) and to draw into contempt the authority and conduct of the Committee. (That I have, and always shall.) The truth of this charge the Committee cannot avoid inquiring into, and have ordered us to give you notice to attend the monthly meeting at the Court-House, on the next Court day, (that I shall not,) that you may have an opportunity of making your defence; and if the charge is groundless, of evincing your innocence. (Innocence!) We are your humble servants,


On the day appointed, Mr˙ Brokenbrough failing to attend, Mr˙ Daniel Briscoe, the person who delivered him the notice, was called, and being sworn, declared that he read the above notice to Mr˙ Brockenbrough, at least ten days before the meeting of the Committee, and left him a copy, who made the replies inserted in the body of the notice. These answers confess the truth, of the charge, and sufficiently indicate the disposition of the man, whose, obnoxious behaviour is also well known, and for some time past has been observed with concern by several members of the Committee. To reclaim from error, rather than punish, would be the choice of the Committee. Opportunity was designedly afforded Mr˙ Brockenbrough, by a short delay in the publication, to make atonement, and avoid publick censure. The well-meant indulgence has been slighted. Duty now requires that the truth of the case be published, to the end that Mr˙ Brockenbrough may be publickly known, and universally contemned as an enemy to American liberty. By order of the Committee:


King George, April 17, 1775.