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Committee to direct the Commanding Officers of the Militia and the Minute Men


At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety, and the Committee of Supplies, February 23d, 1775, Present:

COMMITTEE OF SAFETY. — Honourable John Hancock, Esquire, Colonel Orne, Captain White, Doctor Church, Mr˙ Devens, Mr˙ Watson, Dr˙ Warren, and Mr˙ Pigeon.

COMMITTEE OF SUPPLIES. — Colonel Lincoln, Mr˙ Gerry, Mr˙ Cheever, and Mr˙ Gill.

Voted, That Doctor Church, Mr˙ Gerry, and John Pigeon, be a Committee to draught a Letter to the Commanding Officer of the Militia, and the Commanding Officer of the Minute-men, through the Province, to assemble one fourth part of the Militia through the Province on receipt of this Letter.

Voted, That one hundred of each of the Letters be printed, and two hundred of the Resolves of Congress relating to the Committee of Safety' s assembling the Militia.

Voted, That Moses Gill, Esquire, and Doctor Church, be a Committee to draught a Letter to each Member of the Congress, to require their attendance directly on receipt of said Letters.

Voted, by the two Committees, That the following Colonels, have each two Field-Pieces put into their hands, by the Committee of Supplies, viz:

Colonel Gardner, of Cambridge, Colonel Warren, of Plymouth, Colonel Ward, of Shrewsbury, Colonel Robinson,


of Dorchester, Colonel Mitchell, of Bridgewater, Colonel Heath, of Roxbury, Colonel Foster, of Brookfield, and two for the use of the Artillery Company of Boston, late commanded by Major Paddock.

Voted, That Mr˙ Gerry and Doctor Church be a Committee to draught a Letter to the above Colonels, relative to the above Cannon.

Voted, That the Committee of Supplies purchase twenty hogsheads of Rum, and send them to Concord.

Voted, That Doctor Warren be desired to apply to the Company formerly under the command of Major Paddock, and know how many of them may be depended on, (Officers and Men,) to form an Artillery Company, when the Constitutional Army of this Province shall take the field, and that report be made without loss of time.

Voted, That Mr˙ Cheever, and Mr˙ Devens, procure Couriers to carry Letters to the several Colonels who are appointed to have the care of the sixteen Field-Pieces, and get an answer and bring to the Committee of Supplies.

Voted, That Colonels Gardner and Heath be desired to procure (by borrowing) Field-Pieces, to learn their Companies the exercise of them.