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Proceedings of the Committee at Dagsberry


Mr˙ Robinson' s conduct thus palpably appearing, and leaving no further doubt with respect to the measure he was industriously pursuing, the Clerk was ordered to summon him to appear at the house of William Newbold, on Saturday, the 22d of July; which citation is as follows:

"SIR: In consequence of repeated suggestions and informations lodged against you, the Committee of Inspection for the proposed new County, met at Dagsberry, the 19th of July, 1775; Colonel John Dagworthy in the Chair: and after maturely and dispassionately considering the several charges exhibited against you, were unanimously of opinion, that you ought to be cited to attend the General Committee at the house of William Newbold on Saturday next, the 22d of this instant, in order to satisfy them with respect to the many heavy charges alleged against you

In strict obedience to which resolution, I do hereby send you this notification, that you do attend at the house of William Newbold, on Saturday, the 22d of this instant, July, at ten o' clock, A˙ M.

JOHN JONES, Clerk pro tem.

"William Newbold' s, July 22, 1775."