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Apology of Abraham Miller and others, for signing the above Declaration


Rye, October 17, 1774.

We the subscribers, having beensuddenly and unwarily drawn in to sign a certain paper published in Mr˙ Rivington' s Gazetteer, of the 13th instant; and being now, after mature deliberation, fully convinced that we acted preposterously, and without adverting properly to the matter in dispute between the mother country and her Colonies, are therefore sorry that we ever had any concern in said paper, and we do by these presents utterly disclaim every part thereof, except our expressions of loyalty to the King, and obedience to the constitutional laws of the Realm.

Abraham Miller,
William Brown,
Andrew Lyon,
William Crooker,
Gilbert Brunidge,
Gilbert Merrit,
James Jameson,
Israel Seaman,
John Carehart,
Andrew Carehart,
John Willis,
John Slater,
John Buflot,
Adam Seaman,
Isaac Anderson.