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Extract of a Letter from Randle Meredith, Dated Montreal, 2d May, 1775, to Mr. John Rowe, Merchant in Boston


Extract of a Letter from RANDLE MEREDITH, dated MONTREAL, 2d MAY, 1775, to Mr˙ JOHN ROWE, Merchant in BOSTON.

"I am sorry to find the Government intend to put their detestable measures in execution. God only knows the event. I feel for your situation, but yet have some faint hopes a plan of reconciliation may be adopted before blood is spilt. The English in this country are in a deplorable situation, being deprived of all their liberties and privileges, and are afraid to speak or act relative to publick affairs. Our brethren below must pity us, and our only hopes are, that if Providence ordains that they succeed in their just demands, they will then exert themselves to obtain redress for us, our wills being good, but dare not act, being few in number, and our little attempts have been treated with disdain by the tools of power at home."