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Letter from the Delegates of New-York, in Continental Congress


"Philadelphia, February 11, 1776.

"GENTLEMEN: Agreeably to your instructions, we have represented to Congress the case of the inhabitants of Richmond County. As our Convention might be embarrassed, while it seemed doubtful to you whether they ought, without the intervention of Congress, to decide on the propriety of admitting the Deputies elected for that County, it became our duty to press for a speedy decision on this subject. It was readily agreed that the Convention ought to be the sole judges of their own Members; and on this principle the resolution, which we have the honour to enclose, was grounded. We have obtained a warrant on the Continental Treasury for twelve thousand dollars, to strengthen your hands in raising, within our Colony, the four battalions intended for its immediate protection and defence. The first opportunity which presents itself to you, or us, shall be embraced to forward the money.

"The great difficulties with which our Convention was, on a similar occasion, pressed the last year, will, we hope, be avoided by this expedient, and for which we were the more solicitous, from our ignorance whether the state of our Provincial finances would admit of your performing this essential service to advantage without such aid.

"Some time since we were favoured with an order of our Convention authorizing us to draw on the Provincial Treasurer for the allowance they were pleased to provide for their Delegates. To such of us as have continued here since the last recess of Congress, it would be convenient, and prevent the risk and difficulty of double-carriage, should we be directed to deduct out of the money which will pass through our hands, agreeably to the above-mentioned warrant, our respective balances. In that case, the residue shall be accompanied by our receipt to the Provincial Treasurer as his voucher.

"We expect soon to have the honour of writing to you again on other subjects of your despatches, on some of which we think it probable you may have consulted the Deputies of Congress, who arrived this day from your city.


"We are, gentlemen, with great respect, your most obedient, humble servants,


"To the Honourable the Committee of Safety, New-York."