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An Emission of Bills of Credit


Voted, That it be recommended to the honourable Provincial Congress to pass the following Resolve:

Whereas, the exigences of this Colony require that there should be, as soon as possible, an emission of Bills of Credit; therefore,

Resolved, that there be immediately issued on the credit of this Colony, and deposited in the Treasury, a sum not exceeding One Hundred Thousand Pounds, lawful money, in Bills of Credit, of the following denominations, viz: Of one Shilling, of two Shillings, of three Shillings and six Pence, of four Shillings, of five Shillings, of seven Shillings and six Pence, of eight Shillings, of eleven Shillings, of thirteen Shillings, of seventeen Shillings, of nineteen Shillings, of thirty Shillings, of forty Shillings, of sixty Shillings, of eighty Shillings, and of one hundred Shillings; to be five thousand of each denomination, and no more, and to be of the form following, viz:


"No˙ 109.

July 18, 1775.

"The possessor of this bill shall be paid by the Treasurer of this Colony two Shillings and six Pence, lawful money, by the 18th day of July, 1777, and shall be received in all payments at the Treasury at all times.

"By order of the Congress:

A˙ D.B˙ E.C˙ F.


Which said Bills shall be paid and received in the publick Treasury, and in all payments in this Colony, without


any abatement or discount, upon any pretence whatsoever, under the penalty of treble damages to both the payer and receiver, which penalty shall be applied to the discharge of the publick debts of this Colony. And said bills shall also be printed on the back, with the Colony seal, the value of the bill, and its date; around the seal these words: Issued in defence of AMERICAN liberty. Also,

Resolved, That A, B, and C, be a Committee to sign or authenticate all said bills of one Shilling to eleven Shillings inclusively; and that D, E, F, be another Committee to sign or authenticate all other the said bills, which are of thirteen Shillings to one hundred Shillings inclusively.

Five thousand bills of 1 Shilling, is £250
Five thousand bills of 2 Shillings, is 500
Five thousand bills of 2 Shillings, 6 Pence, is 625
Five thousand bills of 4 Shillings, is 1,000
Five thousand bills of 5 Shillings, is 1,250
Five thousand bills of 7 Shillings, 6 Pence, is 1,875
Five thousand bills of 8 Shillings, is 2,000
Five thousand bills of 11 Shillings, is 2,750
Five thousand bills of 13 Shillings, is 3,250
Five thousand bills of 17 Shillings, is 4,250
Five thousand bills of 19 Shillings, is 4,750
Five thousand bills of 30 Shillings, is 7,500
Five thousand bills of 40 Shillings, is 10,000
Five thousand bills of 50 Shirtings, is 15,000
Five thousand bills of 80 Shillings, is 20,000
Five thousand bills of 100Shillings, is 25,000