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February 26


NEW-YORK, February 26, 1776.

DEAR SIR: You will excuse my troubling you with the enclosed bill, which I beg you will receive in a sterling bill of exchange, if to be had, and remit it to Mr˙ Bensan Fearon, Merchant, in London, advising me of it by the first opportunity. I must not omit mentioning to you, that the first bill was remitted to Mr˙ Hurry Lloyd, who never acknowledged the receipt of it; and therefore it probably miscarried. Your negotiating this matter will lay me under a great obligation; but in return, you know, if I can render you any service this way, you have only to command me. I have not had one line from you since the affair at Lexington; nor from Sukey since she left us. Mrs˙ Foxcroft and my little girls are well. She joins me in sincere regards to you and family.

I am yours, as ever,


To Tuthil Hulbart, in Boston,

P˙ S. Should be glad to hear how your office accounts stand. If


Mr˙ Lloyd has received the money, he will receive an order to pay it to you by this opportunity. If he does, I must Leg of you to remit it as above.

J˙ F.



*The hill referred to in this letter was taken out by Captain Ache, who was permitted by the Congress, as appears by his certificate.