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Colonel Gridley and his son, and David Mason, required to attend the Committee immediately


Voted, That a Courier be immediately despatched to Stoughton, to require the immediate, attendance of Colonel


Richard Gridley, and his son Scarborough Gridley, upon this Committee.

Voted, That a Courier be sent to command the attendance of David Mason, now upon furlough at Salem.

Voted, That Mr˙ Mason be ordered to provide one Field-Piece with every implement necessary for action, and proceed forthwith to provide for the remainder, till the whole are in a thorough state of preparation, unless otherwise ordered; the Cannon to be provided for are eight three-pounders and three six-pounders.

Voted, That orders be given to Captain Dexter to conceal the Cannon committed to his care.

Which was accordingly done.

Voted, The Resolve above written be so jar reconsidered, as that the Companies, rank and file, consist of fifty men each, and that no further obligation be required of those Companies who are adjudged to be firmly enlisted by their respective officers.

Voted, That an establishment be proposed for the Troops at an early day after the meeting of Congress.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Pigeon, the Commissary-General, be directed to carry thirty-five barrels of Pork, and half a barrel of hog' s fat, from the Town of Salem to the Town of Cambridge, by virtue of an order from Mr˙ William Bond.

Voted, That the General Officers be forthwith desired to make a return of such Officers and Soldiers as are already under sufficient engagements to serve in the Massachusetts Army.

Voted, That the General Officers be desired, with all possible speed, to give in a list of such Officers as they shall judge duly qualified to serve as Colonels, Lieutenant-Colonels, and Majors, for such a number of Regiments as shall, with the officers and soldiers already engaged, make up an army of eight thousand men.

Voted, That Major Bigelow be applied to, to furnish a Man and Horse to attend the Surgeons, and convey Medicines agreeable to their direction.