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Thomas' Motion for Taking into Consideration the Necessity of Appointing Delegates


A motion was made by Mr˙ Thomas, in the words following, viz:

Mr˙ Speaker: I move that the sense of this House be taken, on the necessity of appointing Delegates for this Colony, to meet the Delegates for the other Colonies on this Continent, in General Congress, on the 10th day of May next.

And debates arising on the said motion, and the question being put thereon, it was carried in the negative, in manner following, viz:

For the Negative.

Mr˙ Walton,
Mr˙ Jauncey,
Mr˙ Brinckerhoff,
Colonel Seaman,
Mr˙ Brush,
Mr˙ De Lancey,
Mr˙ Coe,
Mr˙ Van Kleeck,
Mr˙ Gale,
Mr˙ Rapalje,
Mr˙ Nicoll,
Mr˙ Billopp,
Colonel Philips
Mr˙ Ten Eyck,
Colonel Wells,
Mr˙ Wilkins,
Mr˙ Kissam.

For the Affirmative,

Mr˙ Clinton,
Colonel Woodhull,
Mr˙ Thomas,
Mr˙ Boerum,
Captain Seaman,
Colonel Ten Broeck,
Mr˙ De Witt,
Colonel Schuyler,
Colonel P˙ Livingston.