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Confession of Thomas Lilly


Marblehead, March 25, 1775.

Whereas, I the subscriber, in open violation of the Continental Association, did, on the 25th current, purchase of Simon Tufts, of Boston, a small quantity of Tea, and thereby justly brought on myself the resentment of the publick: I do now in this publick manner ask their pardon, and do solemnly promise I will not in future be guilty of a like offence. The Tea I have voluntarily committed to the flames in presence of a respectable number of my townsmen.


The Committee of Inspection of this Town, from the penitent behaviour of the above Thomas Lilly, and the above confession, which he himself publishes, determine that he may be justly entitled to the esteem and employ of all persons as heretofore.

By order of the Committee of Inspections: