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Committee to Examine Nathaniel Mills of Jamaica


Resolved, That Messrs˙ Samuel Riker, Joseph Robinson, and William Furman, or any two of them, be, and are hereby, authorized and required to call before them Nathaniel Mills, of Jamaica, and examine him from whom and when and where he received a letter or packet directed to the Sheriff of Queen' s County, and which he lately delivered to Edward Willett. That they, or any two of them, do likewise call before them and examine all such other persons as they may think necessary to discover by what means or communication that letter was brought from the enemy. That they be, and are hereby, authorized to command to their assistance from time to time any number of the Troopers


or Militia which they may think necessary, and to send for, search for, and secure persons and papers; and, if they shall think proper, to send them to this Convention; and that they report their proceedings in the premises to this Convention with all convenient speed.

Resolved, That the Committee appointed yesterday to report Regulations for establishing a Fund in this State, be, and is hereby, dissolved.

Whereas there might probably be a want of Cash in the Treasury of this State before more can be obtained otherwise than by loan:

Resolved, That Mr˙ Roosevelt, Mr˙ Bancker, and Mr˙ Beekman be a Committee to borrow and procure on loan for this State, any sum not exceeding in the whole the sum of £10,000, to be repaid in a short time, without interest; for payment whereof [this Convention] shall be liable, and will fully indemnify the said Committee and each of them.