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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


At a meeting of the Baltimore Committee, held at Mr˙ Grant' s, December 19, 1774:

Present: Samuel Purviance, Chairman, Andrew Buchanan, William Buchanan, John Merryman, Benjamin Griffiths, John Deaver, George Lindenberger, Job Garretson, Thomas Harrison, Richard Moale, Isaac Grist, Isaac Vanbibber, James Calhoun, John Boyd, Clerk.

Ordered, That Messrs˙ Isaac Vanbibber, Isaac Grist, Richard Moale, and William Spear, do carefully observe the arrival of all Vessels into the Port of Baltimore, and immediately give notice of the same to the Chairman, who may call a meeting extraordinary of the Committee on the occasion, if he should think it necessary.

Ordered, That publick notice, by advertisement, be given to all Masters of Vessels arriving at the Port of Baltimore, that it is expected they will give information of such arrival to some one of the aforesaid gentlemen, on their first landing.

It having been reported to the Committee that two Vessels had lately arrived in this harbour, the Captains were desired to attend this meeting; but not having it in their power to do so immediately, they were directed to meet a number of the Committee at the house of Mr˙ Spear, at four o' clock, this afternoon, who are appointed to examine into the state of their several cargoes, if they have any.

It being thought necessary that a General Meeting of the Committee of Baltimore County, should be held at Baltimore Town as soon as convenient,

It is Ordered, That notices be immediately given to the Members in each Hundred, and, also, to the Freeholders of the County, to meet at the Court-House, in said Town, on Thursday, the 29th instant, at ten o' clock, to take into consideration several matters of importance to be then laid before them, and to choose Delegates to represent them at the next Provincial Convention, which is to be held at Annapolis, on the 24th day of April next.

The Minute contained in the Proceedings of December 7, relative to the complaint against certain gentlemen for raising the price of goods, was read, and considered,

And it was unanimously Resolved, That, as a line is now drawn by the late Provincial Convention, ascertaining the price of goods, no matters of this kind that may have happened since the General Congress, and before said Convention, shall be taken notice of. The complaint aforesaid is, therefore, dismissed.