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Prisoners from Albany, taken at St. Johns, sent to New-Brunswick, in New-Jersey


The Committee of Safety being informed that Commissaries arc appointed for all the Continental Troops ordered to this City, who are fully supplied with, and have provided large quantities of Provisions, and that Mr˙ Abraham Livingston, the Contractor, has also laid up considerable quantities of Provisions, are of opinion that a large magazine in Westchester will not be absolutely necessary,

Therefore, Ordered, That Colonel Gilbert Drake, and the other Members of Westchester County, do not purchase any more Provisions until further order; and that they return with all convenient speed to this Committee an account of all the Provisions they have purchased, and in what stores they are placed.

A Letter from Brigadier-General Heath was received and read.

He therein mentions that a Sloop is arrived from Albany, with a number of women and children and baggage, taken at St˙ John' s, and sent here by General Schuyler, in their way to New-Brunswick; that the Captain was fearful of going to Brunswick lest his vessel might be detained by the Ships-of-War in his return; and he requests the Committee to take the management of obtaining a pass from Captain Vandeput for the Sloop to go to Brunswick and return, which, he doubts not, will be readily granted, as it will obtain every convenience for the Prisoners.

Ordered, That a Member wait on the General and inform him that there are Boats here from Brunswick, who will readily receive the Prisoners and Baggage, and carry them to Brunswick; and that he request the General to order the Prisoners and Baggage to be sent by those Boats.