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Articles to be furnished. Colonel Bull' s (the First) Battalion, by order of the Continental Congress


Doctor Franklin sent to this Board the following Resolve of Congress, which is directed to be entered on the Minutes of this Committee, and a copy thereof to be delivered to Messrs˙ Mease and Caldwell, in order to their


furnishing Colonel Bull' s Battalion with such articles, therein set forth, that are not already furnished, agreeable to a former Resolution of Congress:

"In Congress, January 10, 1776.

"The following articles to be provided for the First Pennsylvania Battalion, under the command of Colonel Bull, now under orders to march for Canada, viz: 688 Caps; 688 pairs Mittens; 688 pairs Stockings; 688 pairs Leggings; 688 pairs Shoes; 1200 Shirts; 300 pairs Blankets; 688 Haversacks; 688 Slings, for Firelocks; 688 Waistcoats; 500 pairs Breeches; 64 Pitching-Axes; and nine Baggage-Wagons.

"Resolved, That it be recommended to the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania, to supply the Pennsylvania Battalion with such of the above articles as they have not already furnished, agreeable to former Resolutions of Congress, and that all the articles furnished the men, more than those allowed in lieu of bounty, be deducted out of their pay.

"Extract from the Minutes: