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Payments made on account of the brig Defence, Captain Seth Harding


At a meeting of the Governour and Council of Safety at Hartford:

Present: His Honour the Governour, Honourable Deputy Governour Griswold, Colonel Eliphalet Dyar, Colonel Jabez Huntington, William Williams, Jedediah Elderkin, Benjamin Huntington, Esquires.

Voted, That an Order be drawn on the Pay-Table for Ebenezer Ledyard, Esq˙, as he is Commissary and provider, &c˙, for the Company stationed at GrotonFort, for the sum of three hundred Pounds, to be accounted for on settlement of his Account as Commissary, &c.

Order given Captain W˙ Ledyard.

Voted, That an Order be drawn on ditto in favour of Messrs˙ Elderkinand Wales, for the sum of twenty-five Pounds on account, and pay for Powder by them manufactured for the Colony, and to be settled and allowed on their account for making that article.

Order given and delivered said Elderkin, at Hartford.

Allowed an Account of Hezekiah Lane, of Killingworth, for sending expresses to Colonel Matthew Talcott and Colonel Jonathan Fitch, to carry Governour, &c˙, orders about raising two Regiments for New-York, by request of General Washington, in Marchlast, being twenty-six Shillings; and that an Order be drawn accordingly.

Order given and delivered him at Hartford.

Voted, That Orders be drawn in discharge of the following


Orders, drawn by Captain Seth Harding, of the Brig Defence, presented and delivered in by the following Drawees, viz:
One Order by said Hardingon Captain Samuel Squire, in favour of Lieutenant Smedley, of said Brig, for so much as necessary to pay the Marines their first month' s pay, dated New-Haven, March 22, 1776, being as per endorsement received by said Smedley, of said Squire, £61 0 0
One Order of said Hardingon said Squire, in favour of Thaddeus Burr, Esq˙, for Beef, &c˙, for the Brig, 2 8 5¼
One Order of said Hardingon said Squire, in favour of Edmund Barlow, for a Drum for said Brig, 7½ Dollars, 6th May, 1776, 2 5 0
One Order of said Hardingon said Squire, in favour of Hezekiah Sturges, for Plank and work for said Brig, 28th April, 1776, 2 10 3
One Order of said Hardingon said Squire, in favour of Ebenezer Hubbel, for four days' work, at six Shillings per day, 1 4 0
Order given 28th, (delivered Captain Squire,) £69 7 8¼