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Petition of James Dargie



To the honourable Council and Representatives of the General Court assembled at WATERTOWN:

The humble Petition of JAMES DARGIE, setteth forth:

That he arrived at this place upon the 9th of April, 1775, to go as an officer on board of a new ship, then building at Danvars, for Dr˙ John Calfe, of Ipswich, by Captain Israel Hutchinson, and further showeth that the said ship was launched in June, 1775, from which time to the present, as the ship has been stopped by the honourable House as above, your said petitioner has been distressed greatly for want of the necessaries of life, and as I see no prospect of the ship going from hence, humbly begs your Honours to grant me liberty to leave this country, as having a wife and two small children at home, and must be in a poorer situation for want of my assistance. Your Honours' compliance will forever bind your petitioner to pray.


Danvars, in the County of Essex, September 29, 1776.