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' A Soldier' to the Independent Sons of America



Because Divine Providence, infinitely wise, and ever propitious to America, has not seen fit to crown all our wishes, by completing the total defeat of our enemies at once, some little souls cry, "Alas! what shall we do? Our enemies gain ground; I do not know what will become of us, unless we make terms of reconciliation." Let every thought like this perish unuttered, for infamy will mark him for her own who dares to speak it. Shall Americans, who are millions strong and own near half the world, at the loss of a few lives and a few acres of ground, pause in the race of glory, and halt between freedom and slavery? It is the voice of nature and of reason, the call of honour and of Heaven, to resist the murdering tyrants whilst there is a freeman living. He is unworthy of liberty, and deserves to have his name blotted out of creation, who would not be willing to die to save his country.

The immortal Brutus said, "after he devoted himself to his country, he lived a life of liberty and glory;" and every elevated mind knows that one day of freedom out-weighs, in the scale of happiness, an eternity of slavery.

The sons of freedom are forever to observe the same rule with tyrants that is given respecting the Devil: "Resist them even unto death."

Tyranny has set up her bloody standard against us. The King of Britain, with his murdering legions, like so many fiends let loose from chains of darkness, are every hour exerting all their powers, with infernal rage, to complete the destruction — of whom? Their best friends and benefactors — those who have laboured, have studied, have fought and bled for them, and, if it had been possible, would have wearied Heaven with prayers for their prosperity and happiness. Oh, George! Oh, Britons! your ingratitude and guilt surpass the deepest dye that human thought can paint.


My countrymen, can you think of consigning yourselves and your posterity to the tyranny of such incarnate demons? Such a thought must freeze your blood and chill your souls with horrour, for death is infinitely preferable; and, with submission to the will of Heaven, I hope every American will rather die fighting for the independence of his country, ' than give up one precious article of liberty. We have not only a glorious cause as ever men were engaged in, but we have a bright prospect of success. Let us pause for a moment, and look back with gratitude and pleasing astonishment on the favours of Providence, the scenes we have passed through, and the progress we have made in the short space of seventeen months past, and our hopes must rise, our vigour kindle, and our faith grow stronger, as we tread back upon those steps of time, every hour of which has been big with importance and with favours to America. We are at this time nineteen times as strong for battle as we were on the day the war began. We are a hundred and ninety-nine times as strong at sea, and increase with an unexampled rapidity in military skill, in arms and all the implements of war, and in every important interest. Then what have we to fear? Nothing but unpardonable folly in ourselves can ruin our cause; for as sure as the rising sun will reach its meridian, (unless we fail in our duty,) so sure will the rising States of America reach the summit of human glory.