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Samuel Ten Broeck to Colonel Peter R. Livingston



District of Manor Livingston, October 9, 1776.

DEAR SIR: We have received your letter of the 30th September; the contents have duly examined. The disaffected begin to be rather more troublesome and daring than formerly, but through proper application don' t doubt we shall soon rid ourselves of some or the major part of these villains. We are sorry that we can' t send you herewith an authentick account of them, but shall in a few days, as we are about collecting all the materials possible. This day we received a letter from the Committee of Dutchess County, informing us that their Militia was ordered to be out to-morrow, in consequence of which four of our companies are ordered out, to be ready to-morrow morning. This body will be ordered to scour well and to surround them if possible, as there is a large number that keep themselves concealed in the woods. Hope that we may be able to give you a favourable account of this in a day or two, together with the particulars of our district in general. On Monday last we had one Jas˙ Chissem before us, who


being examined on oath relative to the Tories, and the outrage committed at Captain Jamsen' s, reported that on Monday last, a fortnight gone, being the night when the outrage was committed, he being in company with a body, in Number Twenty-Four, in the woods, about four miles from Captain Jamsen' s, Chissem was taken by some of our men that layed in ambush. We have taken all their names down, and think that we are in a fair way to find out those villains that committed the cruel outrage. We have also taken several more affidavits of those that were suspected in the least, but none of them give so much light in the affair as the one already mentioned.

I shall write you further by the first opportunity. We send this by old Mr˙ Power; beg to hear from you by him, as the post and almost every other convenience is now stopped so that we seldom hear from Head-Quarters. Shall be glad to hear the news from there.

In haste, we remain your most obedient and very humble servants,

By order: SAMUEL TEN BROECK, Chairman,p˙ t.

To Colonel Peter R˙ Livingston, Fishkills.