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Charles Johnson to the New-Hampshire Congress



To the Provincial Congress convened at EXETER:

GENTLEMEN: We hereby inform you that we sent a scouting party towards Canada, which party returned on Saturday last, by whom we have the following information:

They give us to understand that, by the best information that could be got, there is a body of Indians now lying on the west side of the Lake Champlain, nearly opposite to the mouth of Onion River. What the particular number


of them is, we cannot certainly determine; but by the best information, not less than four or five hundred. And furthermore, that the day before the scouting party left the mouth of Onion River, they were informed there were ten canoes of Indians from Canada, who joined said party. And, moreover, that Governour Carleton, of Quebeck, is enlisting men in Canada; and also, he has sent to those tribes of Indians whom General Montcalm had with him at the reduction of Fort William and Henry. The same party give account of the taking Ticonderoga and Crown Point by our parties of the Southern Government.

Now, gentlemen, as to the situation of these parts. How near the borders of the enemy we are, every one knows who is acquainted with the boundaries of our own Province. As to the position of defence, we are in difficult circumstances; we are in want of both arms and ammunition. There is but very little, or none worth mentioning, perhaps not one pound of powder to twenty men, according to calculation, and not the one-half of our men have arms. Now, gentlemen, we have all reason to suspect, and really look upon ourselves in imminent danger of the enemy, and at this time in no capacity for a defence, for want of arms and ammunition. And, moreover, we have not a sufficient number of men to defend these our frontiers, without some assistance from the lower Towns, which assistance, gentlemen, we humbly conceive should necessarily be here, in order to act upon the first alarm.

We, gentlemen, refer the matter to your mature consideration, whether it is not necessary to give us assistance, that we may be ready in case of invasion. We have, gentlemen, a number of men in these parts of the Country who have not any real estate, who will certainly leave us, unless some assistance be given; and who are ready to assist, and stand by our cause with their lives, provided encouragement be given them.

If, gentlemen, you shall think it necessary to raise forces to defend this our Province, if you will give orders in what manner assistance shall be procured, please to inform us as expeditiously as the nature of things will allow. There is no doubt of enlisting numbers, without distressing or much interfering with the lower Towns near the sea-coasts, provided we have the platform to act upon.

We are, gentlemen, with all due respect, your humble servants.

In behalf:


Clerk to the Committee of the Northern Regiment in the County of Grafton.