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Additional Rules and Orders for regulating the Militia of the Colony of New-York


The Committee appointed to prepare amendments to the Resolves for regulating the Militia of this Colony, brought in their Report, which was read; and according to order, being read a second time, and many amendments made thereto, was agreed to, and resolved on, and is in the words following, to wit:

Appendix to the Rules and Orders for regulating the Militia of the Colony of NEW-YORK.

1st. As the desire of promotion in the publick service is extremely laudable, and therefore should be so far encouraged, as may be consistent with the safety of the publick, and at the same time may not be construed into a design of countenancing promotions, of course it is earnestly recommeded to every Company to have a regard in elections, to promote to offices according to rank, so far as may be consistent with true merit and ability to serve the publick.

2d. That wherever a sufficient number of Minute-Men do not voluntarily turn out of any Regiment of the Militia of this Colony, to complete the proportion in the aforesaid Rules and Orders required, the deficiency be made up by lot from those companies in which such deficiency shall happen.

3d. That the Militia of the Counties of Dutchess and Westchester be two separate Brigades.

4th. That when any person shall think himself aggrieved


with respect to his being fined in consequence of the above-mentioned Regulations, the Committee of the City, Town, Manor, Precinct, or District, where the cause of complaint ariseth, upon complaint made to them, shall have power to hear and determine the matter; and if said complaint shall appear to be groundless and vexatious, the complainant shall forfeit a sum equal to the fine in dispute, to belevied upon his goods and chattels by warrant from the Chairman, directed to a Sergeant of the company; the said forfeiture to be applied in the same manner as the fines in the before-said Regulations are applied; and that no man shall be fined for want of powder and ball who shall produce a receipt from his Captain of his having deposited in his hands six shillings and nine pence for the purchase of those articles.

5th. That beside the stated meetings of the companies of the Militia, it he recommended to the commissioned and non-commissioned officers to use all possible diligence to perfect their companies in the military art, by inviting them together in small parties as often as they conveniently can meet.

6th. That although persons above fifty years of age are not required to be enrolled in the Militia, yet it is most earnestly recommended to them that they be respectively provided with arms, accoutrements, and ammunition, as though they were required to be enrolled.

7th. That it be earnestly recommended to every man in the Militia to provide himself with a bayonet, properly fitted to his musket or fire-lock.

8th. That no new troops of Horse be formed, unless an augmentation be recommended by Congress or the Committee of Safety.

9th. That all persons incurring the penalties for non-attendance and disobedience of orders, specified in the twelfth clause, shall for every default incur the forfeitures therein annexed to the first default, notwithstanding their being held up as enemies of their country.

10th. That the Minute-Men meet in their respective companies on the first and third Mondays in every month, and pass through the necessary military exercise, under their proper officers; and that for the second meeting in every month, the officers and privates be respectively allowed the pay of the Continental troops, agreeably to the new establishment; provided that the commanding officer of each Minute company, who shall be present at the muster and exercise of each respective Minute company, do deliver to the Committee of the City, Town, Precinct, or District, in which they shall so meet to exercise a muster-roll of the commissioned and non-commissioned officers and privates of their respective companies, who did actually appear and exercise until they were dismissed by the commanding officer, sworn to by the officer who was present and commanded for the day; and that beside these regulations, it be recommended to them to meet in such subdivisions of each company, under a proper officer, as will be most convenient for their frequent meeting.

11th. That if any officer should omit to meet and exercise his men upon the days appointed, or shall, through favour or affection, neglect to levy any fines in the said Rules and Orders for regulating the Militia required to be levied, he shall forfeit for every such neglect the sum of forty shillings, to be levied and applied as is directed in the twelfth clause of the before referred to Regulations.

12th. Resolved, That the officers of the Minute, companies, that are already chosen, do continue their offices till the further orders of this or some future Congress.