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Committee to Consider


In Congress, Monday, February 26, 1776.

The Congress met.

And the Journal of yesterday was read.

Mr˙ President declared the names of the gentlemen that had been yesterday, by majority of votes, elected Captains for the Regiment of Riflemen.

Ordered, That the Members of the Council of Safety, with Colonel Gadsden, be a Committee to consider the necessity and expediency of immediately raising another Regiment of Riflemen, for the service of this Colony; and that they do report thereon to-morrow.


A Petition of Robert Cunningham, proposing to observe a neutrality, was presented and read.

Captain Maham, Captain Richard Richardson, and Major Henderson, yesterday elected Captains for the Regiment of Riflemen, respectively declined accepting Commissions in that Regiment; the two former alleging, among other reasons, that they already commanded Volunteer Companies, to which their particular attention was due, and with which they should always be ready to go forth and render their best services to the Colony; and the latter, that being a Field-Officer of a new Regiment, composed entirely of Volunteers, the publick service required his continuance in that station.

Resolved, That this Congress will forthwith proceed to the choice of three other Captains, for the Regiment of Riflemen, in the room of the gentlemen who have declined to serve.

The said Captains were accordingly immediately balloted for; and the following gentlemen, declared duly elected, by a majority of votes, viz: Francis Prince, Thomas Potts, David Anderson, Esquires.

Adjourned to eleven o' clock to-morrow.