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Proceedings of the Council of Safety of Connecticut


Friday, July 19, 1776.

Met according to adjournment.

Present: His Honour the Governour, Honourable Deputy-Governour, Elipht˙ Dyer, Jz˙ Huntington, Wm˙ Williams, Titus Hosmer, Jed˙ Elderkin, Benj˙ Huntington, Nathl˙ Wales, and William Hillhouse, Esquires.

Letters preparing for General Washington, &c˙, for Congress, &c. Copies made of a number; about six Depositions taken at New London, of the conduct of some New York Provision vessels throwing themselves into the enemy' s hands, &c˙ — in order to send General Washington. Originals for the Congress.

On representation of Messrs˙ Elderkin and Wales, of the necessity of a Magazine to store the Powder wrought or to be wrought at their Mill,

Voted, That Colonels Elderkin and Wales be directed to build a good and sufficient Magazine of stone, of the dimensions of eight feet by ten, at least; to be arched, covered with earth, and situated in a good dry side hill, near their Mill and Works; and that they receive out of the publick Treasury a sum not exceeding £14, to enable them to perform said service, for which they engage to erect such Magazine, so as to well and thoroughly answer the end proposed, and to be, and belong to the Colony, and they to supply the deficiency, if any there be.

On pressing application from Mr˙ Brooks, one of the Selectmen of Stratford, for a supply of Powder for the Town,

Voted, That an Order be drawn on Messrs˙ Doolittle & Co˙' s Powder Mill, at New Haven, for eight hundred pounds in favour of the Selectmen of Stratford — they to account for to the General Assembly, or to this Board, at the rate of 5s˙ 4d˙ per pound, or in such manner as shall be further considered and ordered. (Order given; sent in letter by the Deputy-Governour.)

On repeated application from General Washington, &c.,

Ordered, That Captain Stanton, of the Row-Galley Shark, shall, in addition to the order before, immediately repair to General Washington, at New York, and subject himself to the command of said General, until further orders.

Voted and Ordered, That Captain Harding, of the Brig Defence, immediately cause said Brig to be fitted and repaired with necessary repairs, and that he cruise in the Sound, and in proper places and grounds, for the best advantage and interest of the Colony.

Voted, That his Honour the Governour be, and he hereby is, desired to give proper Commissions to such Officers as shall be duly chosen and returned as Commission Officers, in all such Companies of men not obliged by law to bear arms in the Militia in this Colony, as shall associate into military order, and stand ready to serve the publick, under the command of the Captain-General.

Adjourned till Tuesday next, unless sooner called.