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The line which divides Frederick and Montgomery Counties


Wednesday, October 9, 1776.

Convention met. All Members present as on yesterday.

The Proceedings of yesterday were read.

Mr˙ Marbury appeared in the House.

On motion of Mr˙ Wootton,

Resolved, That the Commissioners for Montgomery County have the line which divides Frederick and Montgomery


Counties laid off and marked by the Surveyor of Frederick County, at least ten days before the election for fixing on the place for building a Court-House and Prison for said County; and that the qualification of voters for the purpose of fixing on the most convenient place for a Court-House and Prison in the said County, be the same as of voters for Representatives in this Convention.

Mr˙ Murray appeared in the House.

Ordered, That no person who has refused or neglected to subscribe the Association (unless from religious principles) be permitted to come within the doors of this House during the sitting of the Convention.