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Reply of General Montgomery


November 1, 1775.

SIR: The advanced season of the year will not admit of your proposal. I do assure you, upon the honour of a gentleman, that what the prisoner has informed you of is true, as far as has come to my knowledge; however, if it want further confirmation, Mr˙ Depane, of Montreal, who is also my prisoner, will, I believe, give you the same intelligence.

Having now acquitted my conscience, I must, to save time and prevent trouble, acquaint you, if you do not surrender this day, it will be unnecessary to make any future proposals; the garrison shall be prisoners of war, without


the honours of war, and I cannot ensure the officers their baggage.

Should you wish to send an officer to Mr˙ Depone, who is on board the sloop, you have my permission. Captain Stewart carries an order for that purpose. Should you still be inclined to persist in a useless defence, you will immediately fire a cannon without shot, as a signal.

I am, Sir, your most obedient,


To Major Preston.