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Joint Address to the Governour


A Message from the Council by Mr˙ Blair:

Mr˙ SPEAKER: The Council have agreed to the Address prepared by a Committee of the Council and of this House, and have appointed two of their Members to join such Members as this House may appoint to present the same to his Excellency.

And he presented the said Address at the bar.

And then the Messenger withdrew.

The said Address was read, and is as followeth, viz:

MY LORD: We, His Majesty' s dutiful and loyal subjects, the Council and Burgesses of Virginia, beg leave to represent to your Excellency, that as you have been pleased to leave the Palace, we are very apprehensive the publick Arms therein are too insecure and very much exposed, and therefore hope your Lordship will be pleased to order them to be removed, during your Lordship' s absence, to the publick magazine; which is now, in our opinion, a secure depository.

Resolved, That this House doth agree, with the Council in the said Address to be presented to the Governour.

Ordered, That the said Address be presented to his Excellency by Mr˙ Cary, Mr˙ Braxton, Mr˙ Wood, Mr˙ Jones, and Mr˙ Zane, in conjunction with the Members appointed by the Council.