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Meshech Weare to the New-Hampshire Congress



To the Provincial Congress for the Province of NEW-HAMPSHIRE, convened at EXETER, MAY 31, 1775:

GENTLEMEN: As you have now under your consideration the important affair of raising Troops, and appointing them to proper stations, as well for the safety and defence of this Province, as for promoting the common cause at this critical and alarming season, we doubt not but you will kindly receive intimations from any number of persons of things which appear to them of great importance; we therefore beg leave to represent, from frequent alarms we have had, and from authentick advice from General Ward, that a number of armed cutters are sailed from Boston, for what design is unknown. We apprehend it to be absolutely necessary that a proper proportion of the Troops to be raised in this Province be immediately assigned for the defence of our sea-coasts; and permit us to suggest, that if a proper number of Troops for this purpose were ordered to be raised in the Towns near the sea-coasts, it would greatly facilitate the raising the men immediately, and be a great help for procuring immediate supplies, and we can conceive will be much more service to the common cause than sending our men elsewhere. It will also be a great discouragement to men enlisting to be sent to a distance, at the same time that they leave their friends and substance exposed by their absence, when they themselves might be more advantageously employed for their defence.

We therefore pray that a proper quota of men may be assigned, and Officers for enlisting them, for this service, as soon as may be, which we submit to your wisdom and determination.


To the President of the Provincial Congress.

At the request of many persons who represented to me that the general mind of the people in the Towns near the sea-coast, is as above represented, and that much uneasiness is in their minds until some provision be made for their defence, I subscribe, on their behalf, to save the time of collecting a great number of subscribers.

M˙ W.