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Letter from the Committee of Fredericktown, Maryland


In Committee Chamber, Fredcricktown, Maryland, November 23, 1775,

Allan Cameron, Dr˙ John Smith, and John Connolly, being taken into custody, were brought before the Committee, and the following examinations were taken.

Allan Cameron, a native of Scotland, which he left for an affair of honour, and came to Virginia with an intention to purchase back lands, and intended to go to Henderson for that purpose; but finding it difficult to pass through the back country, encouraged by Lord Dunmore and promise of advancement, he agreed to accept a commission as First Lieutenant in the Regiment to be raised by Colonel Connolly.

Dr˙ John Smith, a native of Scotland, left Charles County, Maryland, for political reasons, and intended to go to the Mississippi; but finding it impracticable, he returned to Norfolk; and being induced by Lord Dunmore, with promises of preferment, he accepted the appointment of Surgeon to Colonel Connolly' s Regiment.

John Connolly, a native of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, admits his letter to Gibson, a copy being shown him. He went, the 25th of July, from Fort Dunmore to Lord Dunmore, and delivered him proposals in substance the same with that found in his possession, and in his handwriting. That he was sent by Lord Dunmore to General Gage, with letters and his proposals to Gage; that he left Boston the 14th or 15th of September, and returned to Lord Dunmore in the middle of October; that he brought instructions from General Gage to Lord Dunmore, who granted him a commission of Lieutenant-Colonel commandant of a Regiment to be raised in the back parts and Canada, with powers to nominate officers, who were to be confirmed by Lord Dunmore; that he is now on his way to Detroit, where he was to meet his commission and instructions; that he left Lord Dunmore about ten days ago, who had with him one sloop of sixteen guns, and another of eighteen; that the ship in which Lord Dunmore is on board is armed with six or eight guns; that a vessel of twenty guns is daily expected from Jamaica; that John Smith never was appointed Surgeon; and that he told Smith if he was the man he represented himself to be, it was possible he would appoint him.

Resolved, That the said Allan Cameron and John Connolly be kept in close and safe custody until the orders of the Congress be known; and that the Chairman transmit copies of the examinations and papers to the honourable the President of the Congress, and to the Conventions or Councils of Safety of the Colony of Virginia, and this Province.

Resolved, That Dr˙ John Smith be kept in custody till the further orders of this Committee.