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The Committee Resumed the Consideration of the Business Before Them


The Committee required the appearance of Mr˙ Munro, who appealed accordingly, and was asked the following Question:

Question 1st. What Mr˙ Munro meant by the expression, We have at last been obliged to muster.

Answer. I had no particular person in my eye, and had no meaning in it, further than that I supposed others in the same circumstances with myself might entertain the same sentiments.

Question 2d. Mr˙ Munro was then asked whether he had any conversation with any person on the above subject.

Answer. That he had not.

Question 3d. Mr˙ Munro being asked what he would have expressed further when he said, I need not go any further, as it is not advisable to trust one' s sentiments on paper.

Answer. He had no meaning at all in it.

Voted unanimously, That the said George Munro is inimical to American liberty.

Signed by order: