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Names of the Persons Appointed


The Congress resumed the consideration of a Resolution of Congress respecting the numbering of the Bills ordered to be emitted.

Resolved, That the numbers commence from No˙ 1, and that the said numbers be in different ink from the former.

Resolved, That the following gentlemen be appointed to sign and number the Bills ordered to be emitted, viz: Samuel Morris, Frederick Kuhl, Stephen Collins, Nicholas Garrison, Matthew Clarkson, Samuel C˙ Morris, Thomas Barclay, Anthony Morris, Jun˙, James Wharton, Benjamin Fuller, Joel Evans, Andrew Bunner, John Mease, Thomas Coombe, John Bayard, Robert Tuckniss, Isaac Hazlehurst, Thomas Morris, Samuel Caldwell, John Purviance, Mordecai Lewis, George Campbell, Joseph Parker, Daniel Clymer, Joseph Watkins, Jun˙, John Shee, Phineas Bond, James Read, Robert Roberts, John Ord, Isaac Howell, William Webb, Jonathan B˙ Smith, Cornelius Barnes, Thomas Smith, and William Crispin.

Resolved, That each Bill be signed and numbered by two of the foregoing gentlemen.

A Petition from Mr˙ Phelps was presented and read.

Ordered, To be taken into consideration to-morrow.

The Committee appointed to received the applications and examine the qualifications of persons applying for offices, &c˙, reported Dr˙ Boyd as proper to be Surgeon to the Regiment raised in Pennsylvania, and Mr˙ Patterson to be Adjutant to said Regiment.

The Congress concurred in the choice of Dr˙ Boyd.

A Petition from David Beveridge was laid before Congress and read.

Resolved, That the same be referred to a Committee of three.

The members chosen: Mr˙ Jay, Mr˙ Read, and Mr˙ Jefferson.

Resolved, That an Order be drawn on the Treasurers, in favour of the Committee of Correspondence, for the sum of 3,000 Dollars.

Resolved, That to-morrow morning be assigned to take into consideration that part of the Report of the Committee of Conference respecting Boston.

A Letter from the Commissioners for Indian Affairs in the Southern District, with sundry enclosures, being received, were read.

The Committee on the credit of the Paper Currency brought in their Report.

The several matters to this day referred being postponed,

Adjourned to ten o' clock, to-morrow.