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Assembly of New-Hampshire


Friday, May 27, 1774.

The Secretary brought from the Board the vote for an allowance for Fort William and Mary, with a verbal message from his Excellency that he thought the allowance insufficient, and desired some alteration might be made by allowing a larger sum, or appointing a number of soldiers sufficient, with proper allowance.

The House took into consideration the Message from the Governour by the Secretary, and came to the following vote, viz:

Voted, That his Excellency the Captain General be desired to give orders for the enlisting three men, to be posted at his Majesty' s Fort William and Mary, for one year, commencing the 25th day of March, 1774, under such officer as he shall appoint; the pay of the officer to be three pounds per month, and each private twenty-five shillings per month, and five shillings per week for billetting, and that there be allowed thirty cords of wood for the use of the Fort for the said year, to be paid out of the money in the Treasury when the muster roll shall be allowed by the General Assembly.

Sent up by Colonel Folsom and Captain Waldron.