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Declaration of Freeholders and Inhabitants of theTown of Rye


Rye, New-York, September 24, 1774.

We the subscribers, Freeholders and Inhabitants of the town of Rye, in the County of Westchester, being much concerned with the unhappy situation of publick affairs, think it our duty to our King and country, to declare that we have not been concerned in any resolutions entered into, or measures taken, with regard to the disputes at present subsisting with the mother country. We also testify our


dislike to many hot and furious proceedings in consequence of said disputes, which we think are more likely to ruin this once happy country, than remove grievances, if any there are.

We also declare our great desire and full resolution to live and die peaceable subjects to our gracious Sovereign King George the Third, and his laws.

Isaac Gidney,
Jonathan Kniffen,
Charles Thaell, Esq˙
Daniel Irwin,
James Jameson,
James Wetmore,
Silemon Halsted,
Andrew Carhart,
Gilbert Brundige,
Abraham Wetmore,
John Buflot,
John Kniffen,
Roger Park,
Thomas Brown,
William Brown,
James Budd,
Seth Purdy,
Joseph Clark,
John Collum,
Gilbert Thaell,
John Park,
Roger Kniffen,
Gilbert Thaell, Jun˙
Joseph Purdy,
Thomas Kniffen,
Disbury Park,
James Gedney,
Henry Bird,
Isaac Brown,
Joshua Gedney,
John Hawkins,
Joseph Merrit, Jun˙,
Jonathan Budd,
Gilbert Merrit Esq˙,
Major James Horton,
James Purdy,
Robert Merrit,
Peter Florence,
Ebenezer Brown,
Andrew Merrit,
Jonathan Gedney,
Ebenezer Brown, Jr˙,
John Carhart,
Nathaniel Sniffin,
John Adee,
Roger Merrit,
William Armstrong,
John Slater,
Archibald Tilford,
John Guion,
Henry Slater,
Israel Seaman,
Sol˙ Gidney,
Nathaniel Purdy,
Isaac Anderson,
James Hains,
Benjamin Kniffen,
Adam Seaman,
Elijah Hains,
Andrew Kniffen,
William Hall,
Bartholomew Hains,
Joseph Wilson,
Thomas Thaell,
Nohemiah Wilson,
Rievers Morrel,
John Affrey,
Thomas Wilson,
Capt˙ Abrm˙ Bush,
Gilbert Hains,
Benjamin Wilson,
Nehem' h Sherwood,
Dennis Lary,
Gilbert Morris, Jr˙,
Abraham Miller,
Hack˙ Purdy,
Tim˙ Wetmore, Esq˙,
Andrew Lyon,
Joshua Purdy,
James Hart,
William Crooker,
Roger Purdy.