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John Whitcomb Elected a General Officer


Ordered, That Major Fuller, Mr˙ Brown, and Mr˙ Bigelow, be a Committee to direct and forward the Pamphlets printed by order of Congress, to the several Towns and Districts in the Province.

The Order of the Day was moved for.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Gill, Mr˙ Pitts, and Colonel Mansfield, be a Committee to sort and count the votes for a General Officer, in addition to those already appointed.

The Congress then proceeded to bring in their votes for a General Officer. The Committee having counted and sorted the same, reported that the Honourable John Whitcomb, Esquire, was chosen.

Ordered, That the Members from the Town of Boston be desired to wait on the Honourable John Whitcomb, Esq˙, with a copy of the Resolve electing him a General Officer, and request his answer whether he will accept that trust, as soon as may be.