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Commissioners for Indian Affairs


Ordered, That a similar Talk be prepared for the other Indian Nations, preserving the tenour of the above, and altering it so as to suit the Indians in the several Departments.

The Congress then proceeded to the choice of Commissioners for the several Departments, and after some debate, agreed that the nomination of the Commissioners for the Southern Department be postponed till Tuesday next.

Mr˙ Franklin, Mr˙ Henry, and Mr˙ Wilson, were unanimously elected for the Middle Department.

On motion, Resolved, That there be one more added to the number of the Commissioners for the Northern Department.

Then the following gentlemen were chosen, viz: General Philip Schuyler, Major Joseph Hawley, Mr˙ Turbot Francis, Mr˙ Oliver Wolcott, and Mr˙ Volkert P˙ Douw.

Resolved, That the Congress will, to-morrow, take into their consideration the Report of the Committee on the Militia.

The Order of the Day was postponed, and the Congress adjourned till to-morrow, at eight o' clock.