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Apr.4, Proceedings of the Committee for the Middle District of Frederick County, against Robert Gassaway


The Proceedings of the Committee of Observation for the Middle District of Frederick County against Robert Gassaway, together with the charge against said Robert Gassaway, were laid before the Council, and read, in the following words, to wit:

"At a meeting of the Committee of Observation for the Middle District of Frederick County, on April 1, 1776:

"Mr˙ Robert Gassaway, according to order, being brought before the Committee, in custody of Captain Philip Smith, the charge exhibited against him (a copy whereof is herewith sent) was read; and he was informed by the Chairman that the Committee would hear anything he had to say in negation or mitigation of said offence. The said Mr˙ Robert Gassaway acknowledged the allegations to be substantially true, and offered nothing in mitigation of the charge.

"The Committee then taking into consideration the charge exhibited and proved against Mr˙ Robert Gassaway, by his own confession, and being of opinion that his offence is of a high and dangerous nature, and that his behaviour tended, as far as his influence would extend, to disunite the inhabitants of this Province in their present opposition,

"Resolved, That the said Robert Gassaway be immediately sent to the Council of Safety, at Annapolis, under a, guard


of four men; and that Captain Philip Smith, and three men to be procured by him, be a guard for that purpose.

"Per order. JOHN HANSON, JR˙, Chairman."