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Letter from Samuel Adams to Dr. Chauncy



Philadelphia, September 19, 1774.

REVEREND SIR: I have had the pleasure of receiving a letter from you since my arrival in this city. Our friend, Mr˙ Quincy, informed me before I left Boston, of his intention to take a passage for England. I am persuaded he may do great service to our country there. Agreeably to his and your requests, I have desired gentlemen here to make him known to their friends and correspondents.

Last Friday Mr˙ Revere brought us the spirited and patriotick Resolves of our County of Suffolk. We laid them before the Congress. They were read with great applause, and the enclosed Resolutions were unanimously passed, which give you a feint idea of the spirit of the Congress. I think I may assure you that America will make a point of supporting Boston to the utmost. I have not time to enlarge, and must therefore conclude with assuring you that I am, with great regard, your affectionate and humble servant,