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William Bourk, Inimical to the Liberties of America


Saturday, March 2, 1776.

The Council met according to adjournment. William Bourk, charged with being inimical to the liberties ofAmerica, was brought before this Council, when Mr˙ John Strange appeared as a witness, who, first being sworn, deposeth and saith, that last night he heard the said William Bourk express himself in the following manner, viz:

"That we should all be subdued by the month of May, by the King' s Troops. That General Gage deserved to be damned; he had not let the Guards out to Bunker' s Hill, and it would have settled the dispute at that time. That there was forty-seven thousand Troops expected soon to America, and it would be in vain to pretend to defend ourselves against them." All which the said William Bourk acknowledged, and further said, "he wished the time would happen this instant; but was sure the Americans would be subdued by the month of August."

Resolved, That the said William Bourk be sent to the Town of Halifax, and committed to close Jail, there to remain till further orders.

Ordered, That Colonel John Bryan attend to the execution of the above Resolve.