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Representation of William Finnie


A Representation of William Finnie was presented to the Convention and read, setting forth that he had been appointed by the Committee of Safety Quartermaster-General to the Virginia Regiments; but as no such Officer had been directed by the Ordinances, he was referred to this Convention, as well for a confirmation of the said appointment, as for such allowance as his services should be thought to merit, and praying that he might be confirmed in the said office.

Ordered, That the said Representation do lie on the table.

The Convention then, according to the Order of the Day, resolved itself into a Committee on the state of the Colony; and after some time spent therein, Mr˙ President resumed the chair, and Mr˙ Gary reported, that the Committee had, according to order, had under their consideration the state of the Colony, and had come to the following Resolution thereupon, which he read in his place, and afterwards delivered in at the Clerk' s table, where the same was again twice read and agreed to, as follows:

Resolved, That the commanding Officer at Norfolk be directed to cause inquiry to be made, whether the Salt stopped from the Men-of-War, and mentioned in Colonel Woodford' s letter, was imported agreeably to the terms of the Continental Association; and, if it shall appear to have been so, that he contract with the proprietor for the purchase thereof, at a reasonable price, on account of the publick, which will be paid by the Treasurer, upon his order. On the contrary, should it be found to have been imported against the Association, the Colony will pay for the same at two Shillings per bushel, the money to be divided amongst the Officers and Soldiers in that department, in proportion to their pay. And in either case, that he cause the Salt to be stored in a proper place, for the use of the publick, till further orders.

Resolved, That this Convention will, to-morrow, again resolve itself into a Committee, to take into their further consideration the slate of the Colony.

Adjourned till to-morrow, half after ten o' clock.