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Petition of Daniel Walker



Fishkills, October 8, 1776.

SIR: In behalf and at the request of a number of Scotch prisoners, quartered at Goshen, Orange County, beg leave to inform the Convention that they have resided there since the 2d day of July last. That they consider themselves as prisoners of war, entitled to the value of the Continental rations in money, or as much as will pay for their weekly board, and to be at liberty to work at their different trades or occupations, behaving themselves peaceably during the time of their confinement. That as to rations they never received any, except for two men two days, and one woman about one half of the time. That their wages has been very low, and that refused to be paid them in several instances. That the boys is obliged to work for their living only, and one of them has been whipped and abused without sufficient provocation. Therefore pray the Convention would take their case into consideration, and give such direction in the premises as-they, in their wisdom, shall think meet.

An answer to the subscriber, who is waiting, will be gratefully acknowledged by the Convention' s most obedient, humble servant,


To the honourable the Convention of the State of New-York .