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Resolution on the Dispute


The Congress, taking into consideration the dispute between the people of Pennsylvania and Connecticut, on the waters of Susquehannah, came to the following Resolution:

Whereas a dispute subsists between some of the inhabitants of the Colony of Connecticut, settled under the claim of the said Colony, on the lands near Wyoming, on the


Susquehannah River and in the Delaware Country, and the inhabitants settled under the claim of the Proprietors of Pennsylvania, which dispute, it is apprehended, will, if not suspended during the present troubles in these Colonies, be productive of pernicious consequences, which may be very prejudicial to the common interest of the United Colonies; therefore,

Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Congress, and it is accordingly recommended, that the contending parties immediately cease all hostilities, and avoid every appearance of force, until the dispute can be legally decided; that all property taken and detained be restored to the original owners; that no interruption be given by either party to the free passing and repassing of persons behaving themselves peaceably through said disputed territory, as well by land as water, without molestation of either persons or property; that all persons seized and detained on account of said dispute, on either side, be dismissed and permitted to go to their respective homes; and that things being put in the situation they were before the late unhappy contest, they continue to behave themselves peaceably on their respective possessions and improvements, until a legal decision can be had on said dispute, or this Congress shall take further order thereon: and nothing herein done shall be construed in prejudice of the claims of either party.

The several matters to this day referred being postponed,

Adjourned to ten o' clock, to-morrow.