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Resolutions Passed by the Convention of Maryland


Resolutions of Convention of MARYLAND.

[Referred to Mr˙ Wilson, Mr˙ Paine, and Mr˙ Rutledge.]

ANNAPOLIS, October 9, 1776.

Resolved, That the eight Battalions required by Congress to be raised by this State, exceeds its just quota, being, as they presume, founded on a calculation of white and black inhabitants, of both sexes and of all ages; whereas the quotas of men to be raised by the several States ought to be in proportion to the number of white inhabitants only in each State respectively:

That this State ought not to comply with the proposed terms of granting Lands to the officers and soldiers, because there are no Lands belonging solely and exclusively to this State. The purchases of land might eventually involve this State in an expense exceeding its abilities. An engagement by this State to defray the expense of purchasing Lands, according to its number of souls, would be unequal and unjust:

That this State, desirous of exerting the most strenuous efforts to support the liberties and independence of the United States, will therefore use its utmost endeavours to raise the eight Battalions required (including the troops already raised and in the service of the United States) as soon as possible:

That for this purpose the State will give a bounty of ten dollars to each non-commissioned officer and soldier who will inlist in the service of the United States for the war, in lieu of the hundred acres of Land offered to them by Congress:

That four Commissioners be appointed to repair to the camps in the Jerseys and New-York, and there obtain a list of such of the officers in the Regular troops and Flying-Camp from this State now in the service of the United States, as are willing to engage in the service during the war, and also inlist, or cause to be inlisted, all or every of the said Regular troops or Flying-Camp Militia in the service of the United States during the war, continuing the regular battalions, and forming the independent companies into a battalion, and filling both up according to the Continental establishment, and also forming such of the Flying-Camp Militia as shall inlist as aforesaid into battalions; and the commissioners, or any three of them, may also fill up such of the blank commissions sent to this Convention by Congress as may be immediately necessary for the officering of the said corps; but in filling up the said commissions, they are required not to introduce into the corps of the new Regulars any officer other than such as are of those Regulars, nor into the corps which may be formed of the Flying-Camp Militia any officer not now an officer in the said Regulars or Flying-Camp


Militia; and the Commissioners are also required to leave some of the offices vacant, that cadets of merit may be provided for; which list of the officers so to be obtained, as well as a list of the appointments which shall be made as aforesaid, the said Commissioners shall return to this Convention, or, in its recess, to the Council of Safety:

That the Commissioners exert their utmost endeavours to procure the inlistment of the Regular troops and Militia from this State in the Continental service; and make report of the state and condition of the forces from this State now in camp:

That the Commissioners be furnished with money sufficient to advance the bounty of ten dollars aforesaid:

That the Council of Safety, in the recess of the Convention, be empowered to issue warrants for the inlistment of such number of non-commissioned officers and privates, and also to appoint and commission such field and commissioned officers, as may be necessary to make up the said eight Battalions:

That the said Commissioners, or any three or two of them, are empowered to receive of Congress any sum not exceeding thirty-six thousand one hundred and twenty pounds, in dollars, at seven shillings and sixpence per dollar, on the account of this State, to be applied in the said bounties:

That the officers to whom warrants issued for the enrolment of noncommissioned officers and privates for the two last battalions directed by the Convention to be raised for the Flying-Camp, immediately return the list of the men by them enrolled, in pursuance of those warrants, to the Council of Safety, and forbear any further enrolment:

That such of the companies as are full, or nearly full, be equipped and marched as soon as may be; and such of the companies as are not nearly full be discharged, and that the bounty money not expended be returned:

That the Commissioners be instructed to consult with and take advice from his Excellency General Washington respecting the promotion or appointment of officers in Colonel Smallwood ' s Regiment, and the appointments to be made in the battalion to be formed of the independent companies of this State.

Extract from the Minutes: G˙ DUVALL.

The Convention appointed James Boyd Chamterlaine, Benjamin Ramsey, Thomas Ponter, and John Hanson, Jr˙, Esqs˙, the Commissioners aforesaid.

Test: G˙ DUVALL.