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Meeting of the Council of Pennsylvania



At a Council held at Philadelphia, on Wednesday, 25th January, 1775. present, the Honourable John Penn, Esq˙, Governour, William Logan, Andrew Allen, Benjamin Chew, Edward Shippen, Junior, and James Tilghman, Esquires.

The Governour laid before the Board two Papers delivered to him by Captain St˙ Clair, which were read, and are as follows, viz:


Before us, Robert Hanna and Arthur St˙ Clair, Esqs˙, two of his Majesty' s Justices for Westmoreland County, personally appeared Samuel Whitesill, Keeper of the Jail of the said County, and being duly sworn, according to law, deposeth and saith, that, on this instant, 24th of December, a number of armed men came to the Jail of said County, and ordered him to open the prison doors, and turn out a certain William Thomas, then in his custody, on sundry executions; that he believes a certain William Christy, and Simon Girty, who seemed to be Officers from their dress, were at the head of their party. That he, this deponent, refused to deliver his prisoner, or open the door where he was confined; that they then talked of throwing down the house, when a certain Major Conolly came up, inquired who resisted the releasement of the prisoner, threatened to tie and carry off this deponent, ordered the party to fire their pieces against the house, and strip off the roof, on which he (this deponent) being afraid of ill consequences, both to his person and property, did open the door to allow the prisoner to speak to the party, and one of them rushed in, seized him, and dragged him out, and also turned out a certain William Dawson, who was likewise in his custody on execution; and that it was Conolly himself who laid hands on Thomas, and dragged him out; and further saith not.


Sworn and subscribed, December 24, 1774, before us,