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Providence (Rhode-Island) Town-Meeting



At a Town-Meeting held at Providence, by adjournment, on Monday, the fifteenth day of May, A˙ D˙ 1775, Mr˙ Joseph Brown, Moderator:

Voted, That the doings of the Town Council, on the matter of the Watch, be approved and accepted, and that Mr˙ Zephaniah Andrews be, and is hereby appointed to build a guard-house and three watch-boxes in this Town, agreeable to the vote of the Town Council establishing a Watch and that the said Mr˙ Andrews advise with Messrs˙ John Brown and Jonathan Arnold on that matter.

Voted, That the master of the Watch, together with John Brown and Jonathan Arnold, have full power to direct what instrument or instruments the Watch shall be provided with from time to time.

Voted unanimously, That the Committee who were appointed by the Town, at their last meeting, to inquire into the state and preparation of the several inhabitants of this Town, in respect to Fire-Arms and other military stores and accoutrements required by law, as they are not prepared to make their report at this meeting, be, and they are hereby directed to make their report to Colonel John Mathewson, Edward Thurber, and Jonathan Arnold, who are appointed by the Town a Committee to receive the same; and they, together with the aforesaid Committee, are hereby appointed and empowered to purchase, at the expense and on account and risk of the Town, such and so many Arms as shall appear to them necessary to supply all able-bodied men who are by said Committee deemed unable to provide for themselves, and furnish such supplies of military stores and accoutrements as they judge necessary, under certain rules and restrictions to be by them made. And that the said Committee make their report to the Town as soon as they have completed the business assigned them in this vote, together with the regulations which shall be by them made as aforesaid.

And it is further voted. That the said Committee do, as soon as may be after receiving the Report of the first Committee, as aforesaid, furnish each Captain of the Militia Companies in this Town with lists of those persons


who live within the limits of their respective Companies, that are able to provide themselves with Arms, &c˙, as the law requires; and that upon receipt thereof it is recommended to them to strictly adhere to the law, and cause all such to provide themselves, or exact their fines for each deficiency.

Voted, That Major Truman and Mr˙ Paul Allen be a Committee to make up the whole of the Town' s stock of Powder and Lead, or procure the same to be made into Cartridges as soon as may be, at the expense of the Town, and when so made, return the same, to the Captains of the several Military Companies in this Town.

Voted, That the vote passed in town-meeting on the last Tuesday of August, be reprinted in the Providence Gazette.