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Answer of the Governour


To which his Excellency was pleased to make the following Answer:

GENTLEMEN: Were I to give such an answer to your Address as the peculiar nature of it seems to require, I should be necessarily led into the explanation and discussion of several matters and transactions, which, from the regard I bear to you and the people of this Colony, I would far rather have buried in perpetual oblivion. It is, besides, in vain now to argue on the subject, as you have, with a most uncommon and unnecessary precipitation, given your entire approbation to that destructive mode of proceeding which I so earnestly warned you against.

Whether, after such a resolution, the Petition you mention can be reasonably expected to produce any good effect; and whether you or I have best consulted the true interests of the people on this important occasion, I shall leave others to determine.

You may be assured, however, that the advice which I gave you was totally uninfluenced by any sinister motive whatever. It came from an heart sincerely devoted to my native country, whose welfare and happiness depend, as I conceive, upon a plan of conduct very different from what has been hitherto adopted.