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Jedediah Huntington to Governour Trumbull



Roxbury Camp, September 9,1775.

HONOURED SIR: I should be glad that my Second Lieutenant, Mr˙ Jonathan Brewster, might succeed Lieutenant Kingsbury, and my First Sergeant, Mr˙ Ebenezer Perkins, have the Ensigncy in my Company. The Second Lieutenancy I could wish Mr˙ Simeon Huntington would accept. I want officers of a military spirit. Many are appointed who are worthy men, but very indifferent in camp. I once mentioned Mr˙ Newell to fill Mr˙ Tracy' s place in my Company; but as there will be an opening in Captain Humphrey' s Company, I think it is best, on some accounts, that if he is promoted, it should be in that Company. The appointments for my Company, which I have mentioned, I think will be for the service of the Regiment. I would not wish to have it known to any one what I say as to want of good officers. Doctor Church tells Doctor Turner there are to be Brigade Surgeons appointed by the Continental Congress, and that he will recommend Doctor Turner for one of them. If you should think proper to say any thing in the Doctor' s favour, it may be of much service to a man very valuable in his place. My love and duty to the family, &c. I remain, most affectionately,


To Governour Trumbull.