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Accomack County (Virginia) Committee



At a meeting of the Committee of Accomack County, at the Court-House, October 2,1775: It having been repsented to this Committee, at a former meeting, that Arthur Upshaw, of this County, Gentleman, and a Member of this Committee, had sent out a vessel, loaded with grain, for the West-Indies, since the 10th of last month, contrary to the Resolves of the Continental Association; this day the said Upshaw sent a letter by his son, acknowledging the notice, and confessing that his said vessel had sailed since the 10th of last month. And upon reading and considering the said letter, and hearing several witnesses upon oath, it appears that the said Upshaw has been some months past forwarding the said vessel for the sea; that he cleared her out the 20th of July last, for the British West-Indies, with grain, long before she was finished; that by sickness of his workmen afterwards, and other unexpected delays, he found he could not get her ready time enough, but that he was determined, at all events, she should sail; that after the 10th of last month, and before she did sail, sundry of the inhabitants of this County (one of them a Member of this Committee) wailed on him, and cautioned him against sending out his vessel, as a step exceedingly disagreeable to the people; that he promised that company she should not sail till the Committee met, and he would wait on them. A day being accordingly appointed, sundry Members met, but not a sufficient number to form a Committee; that the said Upshaw having that day attended, according to promise, said he expected his vessel was then sailed, as he had given his master orders to sail the first fair wind.

Resolved, unanimously, That the said Upshaw, by sending out the said vessel, has violated the Continental Association, and that his case be published in the Virginia Gazette, agreeable to the Resolve of the Eleventh Article of the said Association.