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Pennsylvania Council



At a Council held at Philadelphia, on Saturday, 29th July, 1775. Present:

The Honourable John Penn, Esquire, Governour; William Logan, Benjamin Chew, James Tilghman, Andrew Allen, and Edward Shippen, Jun˙, Esquires.

The Governour laid before the Board a Petition from Mons˙ Dominique Du Caste, Commander of the Schooner Mary, belonging to the inhabitants of Martinico, which was read, and follows in these words viz:

"To the Honourable JOHN PENN, Esquire, Lieutenant-Governour and Commander-in-Chief of the Province of PENNSYLVANIA, and three lower Counties of NEW-CASTLE, KENT, and SUSSEX, on DELAWARE:

"The Petition of DOMINIQUE DU CASSE, Master of the Schooner MARY, belonging to MARTINICO, now in the Port of PHILADELPHIA, humbly sheweth:

"That on or about the sixteenth day of June last, your petitioner sailed from the Island of Martinico, bound on a voyage to Miguilan; that in prosecution of the said voyage he met with many hard and severe gales of wind, attended with very great and heavy seas, in which the said Schooner, through violent straining, was rendered very leaky, and made it impossible for him to proceed on the said voyage; and your petitioner was under the necessity of coming into this Port of Philadelphia, in order to repair his said vessel; the particulars of all which appears by your petitioner' s protest, duly made since his arrival here, here-with exhibited to your Honour. He therefore prays your Honour to permit him to repair the said Schooner, and sail from this Port of Philadelphia, in prosecution of his said intended voyage. And your petitioner, as in duty bound, will ever pray, &c.


"Philadelphia, July 12, 1775."

At the same time was laid before the Board the Captain' s Protest referred to in the above Petition, And the Board taking the said Petition and Protest into consideration, and finding, upon due examination and inquiry, that the facts set forth in them are true: It is ordered, that the said Schooner be examined, and the necessary repairs made on her, and that she be then permitted to prosecute her intended voyage, provided that she takes on board no Goods, Wares, or Merchandise, whatever.

Messrs˙ Meredith and Clymer are appointed to; inspect the repairing of the said Schooner, and to transact the business relating to her, as factors or agents for the Master, during his continuance in this Port.