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No Provisions to be Exported


Resolved, That no Pork, Beef, Flour, Bacon, Rice, or Peas, be exported from any part of this Province, after (his day, without first obtaining leave from the Provincial Congress, excepting for returns for Salt, Arms, or Ammunition, actually imported into this Colony.

Resolved, That all the good and merchantable Flour and Pork now for sale in this Province, be immediately purchased for the use of the publick, and that the following persons be appointed to perform this service: Mr˙ James Coor, for the District of Newbern; Mr˙ John Webb, for the District of Halifax; Mr˙ Francis Brice, for the District of Wilmington; Mr˙ Memucan Hunt, for the District of Hillsborough; Mr˙ Adam Alexander, for the District of Salisbury; and Mr˙ Robert Smith, for the District of Edenton.

Samuel Spencer, Esq˙, one of the Members of Council, appeared and took his seat.

Resolved, That either of the Treasurers draw on the Continental Treasury for three hundred Dollars, in, favour of Abner Nash and John Kinchen, Esqs˙, for their expenses to Charlestown on the publick service, and be allowed in their accounts with the publick.

Resolved, That Thomas Wade, Esquire, be appointed Colonel of the Regiment of Anson Militia, in the room of Samuel Spencer, resigned; and that Thomas Harris be appointed First Major of the same Regiment, in the room of James Auld, resigned; and that Commissions issue accordingly.

The Continental Congress having recommended to the Committee of Safety of Virginia, and the Provincial Council of North-Carolina, to meet together, and confer, and conclude upon such operations as they may think most for their mutual interest,

The Council taking the same into consideration,

Resolved, That Samuel Johnston, Thomas Jones, and Thomas Person, Esqs˙, be appointed on the part of this Province accordingly.

Samuel Johnston and Thomas Jones, Esqs˙, two of the Members of Council, appeared and took their seats.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Town and County Committees in this Province, immediately to disarm all suspected persons within their several jurisdictions.

Whereas, David Love, Second Major of the Anson Militia, now in the actual service of this Province, hath been accused on the oaths of Richard Farr and William Coventon, Jun˙, with having refused to obey the orders of a superior Officer, and other ways misbehaved: Therefore,

Resolved, That the said David Love be suspended, and immediately put under an arrest; and that Colonel James Moore be directed to order a General Court-Martial to try him for said offence.


Resolved, That David Baron be allowed the sum of twenty Pounds, Proclamation Money, for so much advanced by him to pay for work done on the Guns, Carriages, and for Horse-hire, and other services to further the expedition against the Insurgents, as appears by the Newbern District Committee; that either of the Treasurers pay him the same, and be allowed in their accounts with the publick.

Resolved, That Colonel William Williams, with the Martin and Bertie Troops under his command, do return to their respective Counties with the same, first sending off to Colonel James, under a sufficient guard, such Ammunition as he now has in his possession.

This Council, in the warmest terms, return the gentlemen Officers and Soldiers from the Counties of Martin and Bertie, their thanks for their readiness and spirited conduct in marching against the enemies of their country.

The Council adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o' clock.