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The Speaker, from the Committee of Correspondence


Die Martis, 10 ho˙, A˙ M˙, the 17th January, 1775.

Mr˙ Speaker, in behalf of the Committee appointed by this House the last session, to obtain the most early and authentick intelligence of all such Acts and Resolutions of the British Parliament, or Proceedings of Administration, as do or may relate to or affect the liberties and privileges of his Majesty' s subjects in the British Colonies in America, and to keep up and maintain a correspondence and communication with our sister Colonies, &c˙, laid before the House several Letters received by the said Committee since the last session, from several of the Speakers of the Houses of Assembly on this Continent, with sundry Resolutions entered into by them; also, several Acts of Parliament relating to, and affecting, the liberties and privileges of his Majesty' s subjects in America, together with the copies of several Letters wrote by the said Committee, in answer to those received from the Speakers of the other Houses of Representatives on this Continent; and the same being severally read,

Ordered, That the said Letters, &c˙, be taken into further consideration by this House.

Resolved, That his Honour' s Speech be taken into further consideration on Friday next.