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Address of Cumberland County


The following Address to the inhabitants, of the lower parts of Virginia, was proposed, and unanimously agreed to:

Friends and Countrymen:

We, the Committee for the County of Cumberland, taking into our serious consideration the unremitting efforts of despotick Administration to effect the total subversion of American liberty, aided by the wicked and venal tools of corruption, who are endeavouring, by the basest misrepresentations and falsehoods, to effect an unnatural division between the Mother Country and her Colonies, covering their wicked design under the specious pretence of duty and attachment to our gracious Sovereign, and the sacred laws, of the British Empire; and also to the unhappy situation to which you will be reduced in case of a hostile invasion of this Colony, do, for ourselves and our constituents, (should such a distressing circumstance take place) most cordially invite you to remove so many of your wives and children into this County as the inhabitants thereof can conveniently entertain, where they will meet with the best protection and accommodations we are able to afford.